Many of the animals and reptiles we will see are potentially dangerous. Attacks by wild animals are rare. To date we have had an unblemished record but no safari in Africa can guarantee that such incidents will not occur. E-gnu, Greenlife Southern Africa, their associates, agents, or their operators cannot be held liable for any injuries caused during an incident involving the behaviour of wild animals.

Respecting Wildlife

• Observe the animals silently and with a minimum of disturbance to their natural activities. Loud talking on game drives can frighten the animals away.

• Never attempt to attract an animal's attention. Don't imitate animal sounds, clap your hands, pound the vehicle or throw objects.

• Please respect your driver-guide's judgement about proximity to lions, cheetahs and leopards. Don't insist that he take the vehicle closer so you can get a better photograph. A vehicle driven too close can hinder a hunt, or cause animals to abandon a hard-earned meal.

• Litter tossed on the ground can choke or poison animals and birds and is unsightly.

• Never attempt to feed or approach any wild animal on foot. This is especially important near lodges or in campsites where animals may have become accustomed to human visitors.

• Refrain from smoking on game drives. The dry African bush ignites very easily, and a flash fire can kill animals.
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