Tipping is not compulsory. If, however, you want to tip because you have received good service, we have enclosed a brief guideline to assist you. We usually recommend that there are three categories of staff members to tip: guides, camp and hotel staff and restaurant waitrons.

1. Guides - We recommend US$5 per guest per day if the guide has done a good job.

2. The General Camp or Staff Here we recommend about US$3 per guest per day. This should be handed into the communal tipping box to be distributed equally amongst all the staff at a later stage.

3. Waitrons - A generally acceptable tip in restaurants and hotels is 10% of the total bill, unless it is stated that a service charge is included. However, gratuities should only be paid if you are satisfied with the service.

4. Mokoro Paddlers - The Mokoro paddlers of the Okavango Delta are great capitalists. We could include a tip for them in your safari cost, but we have found that the traveller gets better results if the paddlers are being rewarded directly from the guests for their hard work. So tips are not included in the tour costs. The paddlers therefore have the added incentive to put in that extra effort to ensure that your stay with them is a memorable one. We recommend that each paddler receive US$ 3 per guest per day.
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