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Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, in the middle of the world's oldest desert, featured as one of the world's top 20 new lodges in Condé Nast Traveller UK

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Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Location
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is situated in the heart of the Namib Desert on the farm Vreemdelings-poort, which is one of 11 farms that make up the NamibRand Nature Reserve. This pristine reserve, one of the largest in Africa, is a massive 180 000 hectares and shares a common border of some 110km with the Namib-Naukluft Park in the west and is protected by the Nubib mountain range in the east. The special attraction of the NamibRand is the captivating beauty and diversity of its landscape, which changes from expansive gravel plains to undulating dune seas, rugged canyons with towering walls of volcanic rock and distant mountain ranges. Namibia’s wild, frontier character permeates its vast, wide-open spaces, with fire-coloured dunes merging with an endless sky. These mountains of sand are most magnificent at the remote desert moonscape called Sossusvlei, home to the world’s tallest standing dunes. Namibia is named after the 80-million-year-old Namib Desert, one of the driest places on earth. The ancient dunes span the entire Atlantic coast, covering the 800 mile-long, Skeleton Coast.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Activities
Fly-In Safari Lodge Desert Wildlife Game Drives Safari Ballooning Self Drive Walking Photography Birding Price Range - Southern Africa: $600 - $800 Child Friendly

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Attractions
The NamibRand Nature Reserve is situated in the pristine Namib Desert - a world of immense solitude, wind-sculpted, orange dunes and jagged mountains. The Namib is know as the "living desert" because of the diversity of life existing in seemingly inhospitable conditions. In this dry place, an intriguing array of desert-adapted animals and plants are nourished by condensation from the sea mists rising off the distant Atlantic Ocean. This area hosts some animal life unlike that found anywhere else on earth. Mammals include springbok, Hartmann's zebra, baboon, hartebeest, Grant's golden mole and the silent dune sentinel, the clown-like oryx (gemsbok). Local predators to look out for are hyena, cheetah, jackal, Cape and bat-eared foxes, aardwolf and African wildcat. Discover more on: Zebra Over 115 species of birds occur in the area. These include Ostrich, Lappet-faced Vultures, Black Eagles, Booted Eagles, Martial Eagles and Sociable Weavers, the haphazard architects of the largest bird nests in the world. Discover more on: Vultures A dune lizard of interest is the fearsome-looking Namaqua Chameleon, which grows up to 25cm in length. Several variety of Namib "skink" (snake-like creatures) may also be seen. Geckos slip over the dunes. Discover more on: Chameleons Busy, often burrowing insects such as tok-tokkies and sunspiders scuttle across the desert floor. There are various scorpions as well as a range of beetles. Green trees like the Quiver, Camelthorn Acacia, Phantom Tree and Wild Hair Green Tree are among the picturesque vegetation punctuating the intense colour of the orange desert against the cobalt blue sky. The NamibRand Nature Reserve is on the eastern boundary of the Namib-Naukluft National Park. It is part of the Namib Desert, the oldest and one of the driest in the world. Its aridity is shaped by the cold Benguela which captures and condenses humid air that would otherwise be blown ashore. The NamibRand Nature Reserve has reclaimed 184 000 hectares of the pristine Namib Desert for conservation and is the largest private nature reserve in Southern Africa.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Facilities
Only 20 guests are accommodated in ten twin bedded suites, built into natural rock at the foot of a mountain overlooking an expansive Namib gravel plain that leads into a sea of red dunes. The suites are extremely spacious and consist of a raised bedroom with steps leading down to a lounge. Sliding doors from the lounge lead onto a covered patio to the side of the suite and an open patio to the front. Spaced well apart, each suite is a private haven with a shaded deck overlooking the far horizons of the Namib Desert. The split-level suites are located at the foot of a mountain overlooking an expansive Namib grass plain leading into a sea of orange sand dunes. Each suite is equipped for the climatic extremes of the desert. There is a fireplace in the split-level lounge for winter evenings. For the hot desert days, there are showers in the en suite, glass-encased bathroom. There are also outdoor showers for starlit bathing. Cradled against ancient mountains, Sossuvlei Desert Lodge's décor embraces muted hues of ochre, umber and ivory. An expansive star-viewing window above the bed is every child-at-heart's dream come true. The rooms are equipped with personal compact telescopes for game- or star-spotting, a service-intercom to the main lodge and a CD system. The split-level main lodge is a dramatic structure of glass and stone curves. Walls have become windows, or fold away completely, engaging the vast desert vistas. The swimming pool is fed by an underground spring, emerging from deep within the desert. There is something deliciously contradictory about floating in a pool in the middle of the world's oldest desert. On winter evenings, guests can select wine from the walk-in wine cellar before wandering through to the fire-lit bar. After relaxing, drink in hand, in the main lounge and terrace, or in our upper lounge and viewing deck, you may browse through our curio shop or CD and book library. Sossusvlei Desert Lodge's own observatory houses the most powerful electronic telescope in Namibia outside the National Observatory, allowing for breathtaking clarity during stargazing. In the airy dining room, you can enjoy delectable African cuisine, prepared by a first-class Namibian chef.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Additional Information
In the cool of morning and evening, the resident naturalist will take you in four-wheel drive open vehicles to explore the open grass plains, fossilised sand dunes and orange sand dune belts of the NamibRand Nature Reserve. In the desert, many of the real attractions are small and well-camouflaged, and may easily be missed. Guided walks are available or you may explore on your own along marked walking trails. From the height of a hot-air balloon ride, the view of the orange dunes and seas of dune grass is unparalleled. This bird's-eye view of the desert is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hot-air ballooning over the Namib is an optional extra (weather permitting). You can enjoy a guided 4x4 excursion to spectacular Sossusvlei, site of the highest sand dunes on earth (optional extra). You may choose to go on guided 4x4 excursions to Sesriem Canyon or the famous Sossusvlei pans, resting place of the Tsauchab River. (optional extras). Excursions on ATVs (automatic, all-terrain, four-wheel motorcycles) are also available. For stargazers, the crisp, dry desert air provides unrivalled opportunities to be mesmerised by the Milky Way. Tribute to its prime position is Sossusvlei Desert Lodge's own observatory, housing the most powerful electronic telescope in Namibia outside the National Observatory. Knowledgeable field guides will direct you through the southern skies and tell of the expanding cosmos.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge Children Policy
Children (sharing with adults):
0-5 years = free of charge
6-16 years = charged half rate
6-16 years in own room - First child pays full adult rate, second and thrid children pay 50% of adult rate.

Nearest City:
Check In Time: 02:00:00 PM
Check Out Time: 11:00:00 AM

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