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Latest Feedback from Clients on their African safaris and vacations in 2006

"Our experience at Elephant Plains far exceeded our expectations. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, it was a pleasurable experience. The staff is well organized and professional. The accommodations were a treat and the food out there in the bush was exquisite. I felt that we were looked after by people that truly love what they do and they're good at it.

Now this may sound corny, but I have never felt this way about a place. This wasn't my first time out of the neighborhood. I've traveled in North America from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arctic Ocean to see the Polar Bears to the volcanoes in the Pacific in Costa Rica. I can't tell you the number of times I've been in Europe, from Ireland to Poland and all over the Caribbean Sea and all of the breathtaking islands there, not to mention Hawaii and Bermuda etc.

I have never been so profoundly and spiritually moved as in Africa. I love animals and maybe it was that, but I think it was far more. For the first time, I felt like I was part of something that was truly bigger than me - I can't explain it. I am not one that is easily emotionally swayed; in fact, I can be quite stoic about many things, but I felt a tear as the plane lifted out of Jo'burg. And I still do have that longing feeling to return to Africa.

Another agent recommended that we drive ourselves in a rental car in Mozambique. That was fine in South Africa and even in Swaziland, but Mozambique?! I know you already knew this because you recommended we fly Pelican Air up their and you were right. However, in the end, the islands in Mozambique are truly beautiful and made the trip worth every mile.

You are my new official, exclusive travel agent to Africa! I look forward to doing business with you again as soon as possible. I am far from done with Africa! It is not a question of if, it is a question of when I will return to Africa.."
Andrew Peczenuik, USA
(travel dates: July 2006)

"We had an absolutely fantastic trip the trip of a lifetime really. The accommodation was superb; wonderful locations and far more luxurious than were used to. We were mostly reluctant to leave each spot the only consolation was that we knew youd have selected somewhere equally special for the next stop. Visiting the Himba and Etosha were definite highlights and Im glad we had the extra nights in those spots.
Jacqueline Beggs, NEW ZEALAND
(travel dates: July 2006)

"We had a great stay at The Bay Hotel. The service was fantastic and the view was beyond all of our expectations. I was hoping that i could meet you while i was there to express my thanks for the effort that put in to organise our stay and ensure that everything went smoothly for us.

I would highly recommend The Bay Hotel to anyone looking to stay in Cape Town."
Prathima Maraziotis, AUSTRALIA
(travel dates: August 2006)

"we had a really wonderfull time in Africa! Leopard Hills and Kings Camp were both outstanding and the service and the game viewing was amazing.

Thanks again for all your help organizing the trip! We will definately come back to Africa next year!"
Sebastian Ernst, GERMANY
(travel dates: July 2006)

"Just a thank you email for your wonderful service in getting us accommodation at Bakubung. It was amazing, great weather, great service, great rooms, and saw the big 5, which was a bonus.

Will be planning another trip up there with family pretty soon and will definitely be booking through you!!"
Mandi Strimling, SOUTH AFRICA
(travel dates: August 2006)

"I'm so glad we went to Kwa Maritane instead of Sun City, which I did consider in the "early days" of planning our trip. We went on a game drive on Saturday morning, and saw elephant, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, rhino (x6!), jackal, baboon etc, plus a cheetah stalking a herd of impala, although while we watched, she didn't make much progress to getting breakfast! And then we had not one, not two but three lions in the "back garden" of KM that evening!

Many thanks again for your help and advice - we have been mightily impressed by not only the country, but also the people with whom we came in contact."
Alan Taylor, UK
(travel dates: August 2006)

"I will never forget all the work you had to organize our stay at Thornybush Game Reserve! You answered immediately every question I made. It is not easy to book such an holyday without knowing places and people, using internet an e-mailing only, but you were so clever, professional and kind that I became very confident.

The lodge, the games and the staff at Thornybush were better than I expected: we spent there 4 wonderful days, we saw the big five, the leopard during the last day, and we enjoyed so much also the food! The staff was excellent, too. It was really a good experience that I will suggest to my friends in Rome !!!"
Francesca Zitelli & Family, ITALY
(travel dates: August 2006)

"A fantastic holiday - we really enjoyed it. I must say we were very pleased and happy with the service we got from you, indeed we have already recommended you to people!

Elephant Plains was superb - really worthwhile and good fun, good value for money, lovely accommodation and great game viewing - a little bit of a pain to drive to but small price for a great place - wonderful.

Greenlife service was top notch."
Geoff and Laura Bellingan & Family, IRELAND
(travel dates: August 2006)

"You and Greenlife did a superb job for us. How relaxing to have all our needs met and exceeded.

Khwai River Lodge was amazing and a total change in scenery for us. As we were on our game drives, the landscape was constantly changing from wetlands and marsh to arid and desolate. It is a beautiful place. I am afraid, however, that Mateya has spoiled us forever. It is setting the gold standard for lodges I believe and is growing in reputation and stature every day.

Thank you for all your help and patience. We will surely be back!"
Buddy and Lisa Avery, USA
(travel dates: August 2006)

"The weekend was wonderful. We could'nt have gone anywhere nicer. The accomodation was spectacular and the service was fantastic. They could not do enogh for you, were friendly and most profesional. The accommodation is beautiful and spotliss and the spa is a must.

Thank you for your wonderful service and for following up. I would recomend Ivory Tree Lodge to any one. It was good value for money and you felt pampered and treated from the minute you arrived till you left. We would definatly go there again."
Natalie Leeming, SOUTH AFRICA
(travel dates: August 2006)

"Our trip was GREAT!!! The care we got in travel from place to place was wonderful. Jao and Vumbura are outrageous. Benguerra was Fabulous!! Were disappointed first day to find tide went out to far to even get wet. However, they took us on two "picnics" on the other side of the island, on totally isolated beaches [not even a foot print in the sand ], set up the best lunch, with wine, shrimp, etc. The best part however was after they set everything, they say "what time shall we pick you up" and then they're GONE. THAT'S A BIRTHDAY!

YOU AND YOUR STAFF DID A FANTASTIC JOB. Some one asked Julie how she would compare this trip with our Kenya safari and Tanzania safari four years ago. She thought and then replied 'This trip was 4 times better and only cost twice as much. How good is that'. Your biggest fans."
Ken and Julie Davis, USA
(travel dates: August 2006)

"South Africa is such a remarkable country. We fell in love with the people, the landscapes and the animals! All went well and the experience was truly more than we had hoped for.

Bongani Mountain Lodge was beautiful and the staff were incredibly accommodating of our young children. The food, amenities and service were all excellent. We saw four of the big five in our time there (leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) and stayed in Kruger for one day where we saw lions.

Thank-you for you part in making our trip such a special one."
Tanya and Jeff Hunter and Family, CANADA
(travel dates: August 2006)

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