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Feedback from Clients on their African safaris and vacations in 2004

Thank you for your letter. Our safari in Botswana was unforgettable! We have already recommend your company to our friends. Moreover, we can already start to prepare our trip for next year. We will spend around two weeks from 18 -20 of August till 4 of September in Southern Africa. Three lodges are fix - Chitabe Camp and King Pools in Botswana and Leopard Hills in Sabi Sand Reserve. We want to stay three nights in each of them. For others we need your advice. We want to see rhino, especially the black rhino. So you must find for us a place where it is most promising. So all is in your hands! Make for us the best itinerary. And I hope you understand that this letter means that we appreciated of company Greenlife and personally Janice McArthur service.
Prof. Viacheslav Mareev & Galina Mareev, RUSSIA
(travel dates: July / August 2004)

"Everthing at the Oyster Box was perfect!!! The weather was great so we head a great time. Thanks for the reservation."
Jan-Willem Wirtz, Netherlands
(travel dates: September 2004)

"We had a wonderful time. There were no problems at all. Everybody was where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be. Xakanaxa had better food than Sandibe but that was all they had on Sandibe. We thought Xakanaxa was wonderful, luxurious and exotic but Sandibe was just a step above the rest. I'm only compelled to tell you this to benefit future travelers. Please don't feel like I am complaining about Xakanaxa. I would love to help you with future clients if you need me as a reference. Thank you for your persistence and punctuality. We had a wonderful time at both lodges."
Julie Sveum & Family, USA
(travel dates: September 2004)

"Yes I made it home safe and very much enjoyed my entire trip in africa, the people there and the ones I travelled with have become some good friends. I have taken over 5000 photos so once I get through them and find the best ones I can send you a few. You may by all means us me as a reference to any clients. I look forward to my next trip to africa very soon."
Philip Beckerman, CANADA
(travel dates: September 2004)

"We are un-jet lagging as we write--The trip exceeded my expectations, and we have memories and photo's galore. Cape Town is a MAGNIFICENT city--especially when there is no "Table Cloth"!

All the camps were a little different, and we were happy with the order from Selinda to Chief's Camp(where we wished we had another night!) The game was incredible and we saw the Big 5, but no cheetah and no kills (we did see over 50 DIFFERENT lions). The staff and guides at each camp were Fantastic, and yes, you can use me as a referral! Thanks again"
Hal & Carol Wilner,
Richard & Miriam Morgan, Kay & Dan Edelman, USA
(travel dates: September 2004)

"Everything was so wonderful, we came home and tried to figure out when we can return - the people, the accomodations, the service etc. Our only regret is we didn't see lions during our safari as they went to another area of the park when we first got there and they never returned.

Anyway, I would love to be a reference for any potential clients of yours. We had such an amazing experience, I would love to share my thoughts with them."
Josh & Amy Remick, USA
(travel dates: September 2004

"We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and were very pleased with the accomodations and services that we booked through your company. The staff were all very polite and friendly. And we were quite impressed with how everyone showed up on time. We also appreciated all the pretrip info supplied and local contact numbers can really be useful. Thanks again to you also for getting it all set up so smoothly."
Julie & Paul Chynoweth, USA
(travel dates: October 2004)

"Our experience in Africa was fabulous. It is impossible to single out one camp, game drive, rafting trip, driving experience, or people we met and list them as the best. Each day of our trip has its own unique and special memories. Luke and I give much of the credit to you for spending the time helping us plan our trip.

We were fortunate to meet some very nice people throughout our trip. At Pom Pom Camp, during dinner conversation this very down to earth gentleman who was inquiring about our experience with our trip. We were relating how wonderful our Holiday had been so far with Wilderness Safari’s. He inquired how being from Arizona we booked our trip and arrangements since in the 22 years he spent in the bush, he has never met anyone from Arizona. I replied quite complimentary about our travel representative, you, and our very positive relationship with Greenlife S.A. in planning our African adventure. We later learned that this nice man and his wife were Chris and Diane Kruger of Wilderness Safari’s, I’m glad we had the opportunity to put in a good word for you.

We are grateful for the time and effort you put into making our 25th Anniversary extremely special. Thanks for the Memories you help us create."
Renie & Luke Lucarini, USA
(travel dates: September & October 2004)

"Thanks for checking in. We had a fabulous time at Shidzidzi Game Lodge - I would highly recommend it to anyone. We had a fabulous guide, the staff were very helpful and friendly, the food was good and the accommodations excellent."
Andrea Cardone, USA
(travel dates: October 2004)

"I got back this morning and had an absolutely wonderful time. You did a perfect job and we feel that it couldn't have been better organised; it truly was an amazing experience - which was special and which we will treasure.

As for your organisation - for me you got the perfect combination (may be I would have done 3 nights at Nxabega and 2 at Xigera -- but that is about it) -- flights/connections/picks ups and drops - were done with seamless effort and it was all wonderful.

I will of course be recommending your services to our friends and may be booking a trip again next June/July (though only a short one possibly just to one camp, whilst travelling in that direction). I will let you know."

(Client prefers to remain anonymous), UK
(travel dates: October 2004)

"We had a lovely time indeed at Chestnut Country Lodge and both Michelle and Neil, the owners, were very good hosts. In fact, we had a really great holiday throughout our 3 weeks of travel in South Africa. We would certainly recommend South Africa as a good holiday resort to all our friends & family, and we would like to re-visit again in the future."
Nalin & Sheila Tailor, UK
(travel dates: November 2004)

"I would recommend the Tshukudu to anyone who does not expect the 5-star luxury treatment, but loves animals, a warm welcome and a good ranger. Savannah the Cheetah made it unforgettable. It was hard to leave and Eric and I would definitely come back."
Isabel van Vliet, NETHERLANDS
(travel dates: November 2004)

"We just got home from our trip to Southern Africa. The Quick Okavango Safari was amazing. We really enjoyed everything about it. Xakanaxa Camp was great, the game drives were awesome and the organization was seamless. Everything worked out perfectly."
Veronique Gillard, SWITZERLAND
(travel dates: November 2004)

"We are home safely and had a fantastic time in SA. The Cape Victoria guest house was out of this world - Lilly is a gem and so are all of her staff. We can't say a bad thing about the place - it was one of the best guest houses that I have ever been to. Thanks for the recommendation and help."
Caroline Faville, UK
(travel dates: November 2004)

"I just got back home yesterday after an incredible trip. South Africa is such a marvelous country.
Garonga was everything I expected, which is to say that it was wonderful in every way. The camp is beautiful, the staff was attentive yet unobtrusive, the food was outstanding, and the overall experience was first rate. It was truly a trip I will never forget. I look forward to taking my children there some day when they are older."
Tom Carpenter, USA
(travel dates: November 2004)

"Africa was a great experience! Not only did we get close to all kinds of animals, including the big five and fantastic birdlife, but additional dimensions of the experience were the most beautiful landscape one could possibly imagine for African wildlife, exciting action between animals, very professional and educational guides and indeed truly outstanding comfort and service. Also we felt your company's service and follow up was excellent, which is important when you make a relatively big deal with an overseas company with which you have no prior experience. We shall no doubt come to see Botswana again and perhaps other parts of southern Africa and we would then be pleased to deal with you again. We would also be pleased to share some of our experience with potential clients of Greenlife considering a journey to southern Africa."
Knut & Ellen Francke, NORWAY
(travel dates: November 2004)

"Following our recent return from our holiday to South Africa on Saturday, I felt compelled to write this Email thanking you for your part in the organisation of the safari and transfers.

The holiday to Cape Town was superb and the safari at Shamwari was even better. Both myself and my girlfriend were impressed at how smoothly everything went from all five flights to the road transfers to the stunning organisation of the staff and luxury accomodation at Bayethe. Everything really did exceed all expectations!!

Above all, it actually saved us a bit of money coming direct to yourselves rather than book the safari through an agent in the UK, but this is not the only reason that I shall recommend both yourself and your company to my friends, family and colleagues! Your attitude, contact and helpfulness was great throughout which, as Im sure you can understand, is required even more-so in any business when you are dealing overseas.

Thanks again for your part in what was a truly wonderful experience!"
Steve Moran & Nicola Earl, UK.
(travel dates: November/December 2004)

"The Zambia River Trail Safari was absolutely fabulous, thank you for all your assistance. Once I get unpacked and settled I'll email you some photos. We particularly lovedChichele, Sean and Ashley were so hospitable and the lodge is just beautiful. Sussi & Chuma was also fabulous, our guide, Sam was extraordinary."
Schneider Family, USA
(travel dates: December 2004)

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