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Feedback from Clients on their African safaris and vacations in 2004

"Our trip overall was very enriching - had to drive by Scarborough and Kommetjie. You can certainly use our name as a reference for other Canadians and Americans. Elephant Plains Lodge was amazing, great hospitality, great wildlife and great food...Overall, it was exciting, lots of fun and a great adventure."
Cupido Daniels PhD FCCPM, Dalhousie University, USA
(travel dates: June 2004)

We are back and what a FABULOUS trip it was. For the most part everything went as planned, and exceeded our expectations. The best part of all was the time that Brenda and I were able to have with the kids and sharing their excitement and enthusiasm for what we all saw and experienced. We had many laughs, and there will be many stories to tell for years to come. It is almost impossible to summarize our preferences for the camps, they were all fantastic.

Lastly I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in putting this trip together for us. I know that there is a lot of behind the scene work that goes on in order to make these trips a success, and Brenda joins me in thanking you for making this trip come true for us. This will not be our last trip to the region, and we will certainly contact you for our next travel.
Holcomb Family, USA
(travel dates: June 2004)

"We've just returned from a fabulous trip. Each stop was special in its own right, each wonderful..... You run a great operation. Everything -- from the personalized itinerary to all the transfer arrangements to the welcoming treatment we received at each camp, the quality of the guides(exceptional) and food -- I have only superlatives to offer back to you. Africa is rich, enchanting and intriguing. Thank you for all your help, guidance and work on this trip - it was top notch - an incredible vacation"
Rebecca Upham & Will Viner, USA
(travel dates: July 2004)

"The variety and abundance of the African wildlife is amazing. From all variety of antelope from impala to Tsessebe to springbok to kudu to puku to wildebeest, then the elephants, the lions, the zebra, the warthog, baboons, Cape buffalo, the birds, the crocodiles, the hippos, the giraffes, when viewing the first of any animal, you are in amazement. When you see them again, still in awe and then find it remarkable to see how healthy each looked, as if their coats were brushed daily! I have written too much but Africa is one of those places that gives one such a feeling like no other. Seeing the land, the people, and the wildlife was an experience of a lifetime."
Eileen Kalk, USA
(travel dates: July 2004)

"Thank you so much for all the help in organizing our trip. You guys really did a fantastic job with everything! We had the most amazing time in South Africa, loved every minute of our time there, and are already planning on a return trip in the near future! So once again, thanks for everything, we really enjoyed ourselves!"
The Castro Family, USA
(travel dates: July 2004)

"We had a fabulous time. The arrangements were immaculate and our hands were held at every stage. Hospitality and accommodation were outstanding. Everybody was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable wherever we went.

Game viewing was much better than I had anticipated (though I had no prior experience). We saw all the big five in two days at Chapungu in Thornybush (including leopard three times) At Djuma, we were able to follow a Cheetah marking its territory and saw a pack of seven Wild Dogs just after a kill devouring an Impala and then resting. Birds were also interesting.

At Marlin Lodge, in the course of some great diving and snorkeling we saw turtle and dolphin as well as fabulous coral and fish, but not the elusive Dugong. The seascapes are quite breathtaking.

Thanks very much for arranging a great holiday and please pass on our thanks to anybody else involved in the arrangements."

Pete & Juliana Breytenbach, UK
(travel dates: July/August 2004)

"Thank you for organizing what was a fabulous holiday...we were terribly impressed with the way you sorted out and solved our problems so painlessly (caused by international flight delay), and we had indeed forgotten about it after the first day. Everything ran completely smoothly thereafter, so no complaints at all.

Your advice on the choice of camps was superb - the combination of wet and dry was complementary and really enabled us to get a true Okavango experience. Throughout the trip we found the service of the hotels, the ground staff, and all the people just wonderful. The standard of the food in the camps was astonishing given how difficult it must be; the cocktails at Tubu quite splendid! We were totally pampered and spoiled throughout and I shall certainly book through you again on our next trip to Africa."

Cattell & Unwin Families, UK
(travel dates: July/August 2004)

"Thanks for organizing such a great trip. We had a trip of a lifetime. We just loved South Africa so much. We loved, loved, loved Garonga and especially Singita. I don't think we will ever find another hotel as nice as Singita. And Cape Town was just the greatest. I wish we would have spent a week there."
Todd & Erin MacKay, USA
(travel dates: July / August 2004)

" We found the entire trip from the time we landed in Johannesburg until the time we left superb! The service, friendliness and attention to detail was excellent and everything happened on time with no hassle. After spending a week in West Africa (Togo) this was very well needed. The accommodations in Makalali were fantastic, while Djuma had excellent game viewing and diversity. We were extremely satisfied and experiencing these two different lodges was an excellent suggestion. We will be going back as my daughter is in Togo for another seventeen months (Peace Corps) and will surely use your agency again - I give you high marks in every aspect of our unforgettable experience."
Stan, Pamela & Jody Myrum, USA
(travel dates: August 2004)

"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful trip you put together for us. We had a great time and enjoyed every minute of our trip. It was definitely the best experience. We enjoyed getting close up to the animals and meeting such great people. We were treated like king and queens and will never forget you. We can't wait to go back again, but this time we will be sure to bring our friends and family so they can enjoy this beautiful country."
Oscar & Michelle Fragoso, USA
(travel dates: August / September 2004)

"Your service was excellent and I will definitely be booking my next trip with you again. My time at Elephant Plains was fantastic.... I saw four lionesses kill a buffalo on my first game drive there!!! it was awesome.... also saw loads of leopard, lion, elephant, rhino etc..... it was all good... thanks again for arranging my amazing safari!!!!"
Valji Varia, UK
(travel dates: July / August 2004)

"Our Botswana Safari but please know it was a WONDERFUL experience!!!!! Yes, PLEASE use us a references in the future. I wish we had had someone who had previously gone on the safari to ask some of our questions to. Please advise anyone planning to go on the safari that they are welcome to contact us at any time! This would have been an extremely valuable resource for us."
Ron & Marcie Woloshan, USA
(travel dates: August 2004)

"I visited Benguerra island after my long and hard vacation (6 days complete relax on the beach!) I also thank you you and your staff for the fantastic service. We (have) taken a liking of Africa and we are thinking to visit it also the next year. Of course, in this case, we'll contact you.
Angela Ruggeri; Massimo & Francesco Marra, Italy
(travel dates: August 2004)

"Thank you so much for your help in June. We has a WONDERFUL time at the Kulala Desert Lodge. It was really fun to climb the different dunes and see the different views. Thanks again for all your help."
Lisa Cochrum & Shana Nistler, USA
(travel dates: August 2004)

We had a lovely time indeed at Chestnut Country Lodge and both Michelle and Neil, the owners, were very good hosts. In fact, we had a really great holiday throughout our 3 weeks of travel in South Africa. We would certainly recommend South Africa as a good holiday resort to all our friends & family, and we would like to re-visit again in the future. We will keep Greenlife Southern Africa contact details for future and also pass them on to any friends who may wish to come to South Africa for a holiday. Thank you for arranging the booking, and I am sure we'll be in touch in the future.
Nalin & Sheila Tailor, OMAN
(travel dates: August 2004)

"Sandibe was at the beginning of our month long trip to Southern Africa and was a great way to start the trip. The lodge and animals were great but the people who worked there really made our stay outstanding. I am so glad you recommended it to me. Thanks so much for your help."
Denise and Gary Emanuel, Canada.
(travel dates: August 2004)

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