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SPENDING an hour with huge gorillas only feet away is with out doubt one of most memorable, spellbinding and adrenaline rushing experiences. The only way at present is to trek up to them in the Ugandan Bwindi Impenetrable and Mt Mgahinga National Parks or the Rwandan Parc National des Volcans. Despite their recent tragedies, both Rwanda and Uganda are now safe, stable destinations where tourists are welcomed with charm and grace.

About 700 mountain gorillas remain in the world and all are found on the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo (Zaire). Diane Fossey made their plight famous in her book/film 'Gorillas in the Mist'. On the Uganda side one also has the chance to meet up with Chimpanzees and the endemic Golden Monkey. Permits are expensive, US$375 per trek, very limited, about 60 in total per day, and non-refundable. Peak seasons are December/January and July/August when advanced bookings for permits are essential.

Most visitors arrive by plane into Entebbe, in Uganda, or Kigale, Rwanda's capital. All the areas offer exclusive, stylish, eco-friendly properties in magnificent settings, which may be reached by road or by chartered aircraft. The quickest route by road is from Kigale, while the route from Kampala, Uganda's capital, takes a full day. The Ugandan option gives the visitor the opportunity to overnight along the way and really see its fabulous scenery, meet the friendliest people you could hope to meet and enjoy its un-crowded parks. Some visitors combine their Gorilla trip with a Tanzanian or Kenyan safari.

NB: When considering a safari in Uganda, please be aware that East African parks and reserves have daily park fees per person of at least $100 - this is over and above the accommodation costs. There is also no public transport that can be taken to access the Uganda parks - to experience these areas you need a guide and vehicle, before you start looking at acommodation options. We not sell any low budget accommodation options in Uganda, so please be realistic in your cost expectations and we will always do our best to assist you.

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