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Tanzania's Secluded Frontier

SELOUS Game Reserve (45,000km2) is the largest in Tanzania at 5% of its land mass and is probably the most well known of the string of Southern Tanzanian parks and reserves which tourists can combine for very special and exclusive safaris.

The Rufiji and Ruaha rivers run through, merging in the park, and provide the life-giving water, which supports the abundant wildlife and bird life. While the animal density may be lower than in the Northern parks the tourist density is even lower. Most of these areas are little visited and provide the visitor with a true feel for wilderness Africa - the rugged, vast spaces combined with a timeless cycle of life.

Most of the lodges and camps, as one should expect when everything comes 350 km over poor roads, offer the essentials, beautifully presented, with excellent food and company. Most offer walking safaris as well as boat rides on the rivers or the lakes. An air safari, from Arusha or Dar-es-salaam, is the most time efficient and popular method of travel between parks but driving, from Dar-es-salaam, is becoming more popular.

Mikumi, close to Dar-es-salaam, is for those short of wildlife viewing time. Ruaha is 40,000km2 of undulating plateau, cut by a river with large herds of elephant, buffalo and lesser-known antelope, such as kudu, roan and sable, as well as wild dogs. Katavi is the 3rd largest, least visited and most unspoilt wilderness in Tanzania. Mahale, on Lake Tanganyika, is remote, misty and has the best chimpanzee trekking. Udzungwa is the home to rare primates and to many endemic species and only has hiking trails.

NB: When considering a safari in Tanzania, please be aware that East African parks and reserves have daily park fees per person of at least $100 - this is over and above the accommodation costs. There is also no public transport that can be taken to access the Tanzania parks - to experience these areas you need a guide and vehicle, before you start looking at acommodation options. We not sell any low budget accommodation options in Tanzania, so please be realistic in your cost expectations and we will always do our best to assist you.

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