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Desert & Delta Splendor

BOTSWANA is regarded by many travelers as Africa's top safari destination - an untamed, vast expanse of true wilderness where wildlife reigns supreme and wanders unfettered through one of the world's most unique ecocsystems.

A Botswana safari will bring the traveler in touch with the magnificent waterways of the Okavango Delta and woodlands of Chobe National Park that form the nucleus of this ultimate African safari destination, with great herds of plains animals and a multitude of predators roaming between the red sands of the Kalahari & the grand channels of the Okavango, Chobe & Linyanti rivers.

Also well worth visiting in Botswana for a time of solitude and reflection are the searing thirst lands of the Makgadikgadi Pans & Central Kalahari desert.

With a population of only 2 million and a vast land mass - Botswana has a proud conservation history, with 45% of land set aside for wildlife preservation. Animals move and migrate beyond the limits of the Botswana national parks, through a network of very large private concession areas.

Botswana safari lodges and camps are often Meru or Hemingway style tents - constructed in national parks and wilderness areas. These facilities offer excellent accommodation, cuisine and service, accommodating between 6 and 24 guests in camps ranging from comfortable to sublime. The local tribes benefit directly from the granting of these private concessions.

It is best not to limit a Botswana safari just to the Okavango. Chobe National Park, with its vast plains and great elephant herds, is the ideal companion destination and is just a hop away from Victoria Falls. The Kalahari - home to the San Bushmen - provides perfect peace & solitude.

It is best to fly direct from Johannesburg to Maun in central Botswana, then air charter to one of the camps in the private wildlife concession areas in Okavango and Moremi. Self Drive Botswana safaris are possible, but travelers are restricted to the public parks and are not permitted access to private safari concession areas.

For info on the highlights of Botswana, political and economic factors, please read our Botswana Guide.

Detailed travel information on Botswana regions such as Mashatu Game Reserve, Makgadikgadi Pans and the Kalahari Desert, can be found in our Botswana Travel directory.

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