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Paradise Lost and Found

ONE of the undiscovered treasures of Southern Africa is Zambia, a country some refer to as "Paradise Lost and Found".

This epithet arose because Zambia was once one of the earth's great wildlife paradises, where huge herds of game flourished on grassy floodplains and in trackless woodlands. Rivers teemed with hippos and crocodiles, but unrestricted poaching has exacted a devastating toll.

However, a new awareness of the economic potential of the country's wildlife has gripped the Zambian psyche, with private investors revitalizing tourism by building new lodges and camps in areas where once poachers roamed and slaughtered.

So the Zambian wilds are once again becoming a haven of nature's bounty, with wildlife numbers on the increase and a new awareness of conservation among the population.

This gives Zambia great appeal for those who want to experience the real Africa, with the wildness and rugged beauty of its sanctuaries becoming increasingly attractive to many adventurers.

Favorite stalking ground for today's safari enthusiast are the wildlife reserves of South Luangwa and Kafue National Parks, while the Lower Zambezi Valley is a tapestry of waterways, big trees, big game and big sky.

And of course, there are the majestic Victoria Falls, which straddle the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. This is one of the Wonders of the World and a highlight for many travelers to Africa.

The visitor reaches this beautiful land by scheduled flight from either Johannesburg, Harare or Windhoek to the Zambian capital of Lusaka. However, many travelers fly to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, and transfer by road over the Zambezi to Livingstone on the Zambian side.

From there, air charter flights can take the visitor to the Lower Zambezi and Kafue, while South Luangwa is best reached via Lilongwe in Malawi.


Full Name: Republic of Zambia
Capital: Lusaka
Area: 752,600 sq km (290,579 sq miles)
Population: 11,700,000
Language: English (official) and Bemba (most widely spoken)
Currency: Zambia Kwacha
Best Travel Currency: USD, Euro
Travel Seasons: The dry season between August and October is best for the wildlife regions. May to August is cooler and greener. November to April is the rainy season and not a good time for travel.

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