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·· Queen Elizabeth Park
On the Slopes of the Ruwenzori Mountains

QUEEN Elizabeth National Park, almost 2,000 sq. km, is bordered to the North by the Ruwenzori mountains and to the West by Lake Edward, and is divided in two sectors, the North and the South. It used to be one of the most beautiful and richest parks in East Africa. Unfortunately, like in other Ugandan parks, most of the game was decimated by retreating troops during the civil wars.
Hiking through the forest at Queen Elizabeth National park

The beauty remains though, with sprawling cacti, savannah, forests, rivers and lakes. Now that the country is at peace, the game is slowly recovering from the onslaught and the park steadily regaining its past grandeur. The park is well worth a visit even if just to see the hippos and the birds on the Kazinga Channel, which links Lake Edward and Lake George. From the launch trip on the Channel, one can watch hundreds of Hippos at close range, spreading their mouths wide and rushing to the water. The birdlife is spectacular and includes pelicans, fish eagles, kingfishers, cormorants and saddlebill storks. Buffalos and waterbucks come to the water to cool off, and occasionally you may see elephant, lion and crocodile.

Another attraction in the North sector are the Kobs Mating Grounds. Here, in a small area in the plain near Lake George, hundreds of Uganda Kobs make their living. This antelope, similar to the Impala, as a similar social life too: the males keep a harem of up to twenty females and stubbornly defend their territory against younger, yet unsuccessful competitors.

It is quite a spectacle to watch the kobs' antlers come together in a sounding clash, and it is not unlikely to see lions preying on the grazing females or arrogant males. Returning to the lodge from this point, you will pass by the 'Crater Area', one of the most scenic parts of the park, making your way through a series of dramatic craters, many of which feature crater lakes.

A different experience is offered at Chambura Gorge, where visitors can take a walking safari along a river through tropical forest, where Black and White Colobus, Redtail Monkeys and Chimpanzees are often seen.

A much less visited area of the park is the South Sector around Ishasha. This area is renowned for its "tree climbing" lions, whose habit of lounging in the upper branches of old fig trees is not usually found in other lion populations. You can also see Hippo, herds of Buffalo, Uganda Kob, Topi, and many Elephants there.

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