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Uganda's Capital and Economic Hub

KAMPALA is one of the few African capitals that were not founded by the colonialists. On one of the hills that characterize the city of today, the kings of the Baganda-people had long established their court. Captain Lugard, the representative of the British colonial company I.B.E.A., had his fort built on the opposite hill, and the various missionaries established themselves on other hilltops.
The world-famous gorillas can be found near to the city of Kampala

With the development of cash-crop agriculture as from the beginning of the century, Kampala became the trading centre for the continuously larger harvests of coffee, tea and cotton, and in 1931, when the famous Uganda-Railway finally reached Kampala, it was on track to displace Nairobi as the metropolis of East Africa. The civil wars of the Seventies and early Eighties however had a devastating effect on the city. The bombed-out highrise building of the city centre could only be rebuilt after 1986, but since then the city has been growing at an incredible pace and today vibrates with optimism and energy.

The centre of the Million-people-city, situated at and altitude of between 1150m and 1320m, is marked by Kampala Road, which leads around Nakasero Hill in in a wide circle. Uphill one finds the economically richer part of town, with the High Court, the prominent Sheraton Hotel, the bank- and business-towers and the government buildings. Downhill a number of busy streets lead to the two large markets (Owino and Nakivubo), to the central bus station and to the soccer stadium. Some of the most important sights are the two cathedrals, built at the beginning of the century, Namirembe (anglican) and Rubaga (catholic), the Kibuli Mosque, the huge grass-thatched tomb of the Baganda Kings, and the University of Makerer, for many years the leading university of East Africa. All these sights are located on top of 'their' similarily named hill. Also worth a visit is the Uganda Museum, where one can see ethnological and natural-historical exhibitions.

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