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Namibia's Great Wildlife Destination

IN the midst of the vast, parched landscape that makes Namibia such a fascinating destination, is one of the world's most famous game sanctuaries, the Etosha National Park.
Springbuck drinking on the Pan

Here, among the shimmering mirages and heat waves of the vast salt pans, roams an abundance of wildlife in search of grazing and the few water holes which sustain life in this unique habitat.

The huge, salty bowl which forms the vast central area of the park, is only occasionally filled with water, so game concentrates in the grasslands and bush which encircle the reserve. Here on the perimeter, are underground springs feeding smaller pans, which serves as the magnet which has drawn such an abundance of game to the area.

Etosha is comparable in size and diversity of species to any other reserve on the continent, and is renowned for its abundance of elephant herds. It is home to the gemsbok (oryx) with its distinctive black and white markings and magnificent horns, numerous other antelope species, as well lion, leopard and cheetah.

Birdlife is prolific and some 340 species have been identified, and is a particularly good place to view birds of prey, with over 35 species recorded at Etosha. This "place of dry water" is believed to have once been the world's largest lake, and today the extensive, flat depression measures about 5 000 sq km. Seeing large herds of game in the mirages of the great white expanses makes Etosha a unique experience in Africa.

Feeding into the pan are two rivers, which flow only after the rainy season. Then, flood waters pour in, and the "place of dry water" becomes a land of plenty, when all wildlife seems to come alive with a new vibrancy as their lean bodies ripple with excitement at this short season of abundance.

However, the best game viewing is during the dry months between May and September, when the temperature is cool, and the wildlife thirsty, making the contrast between barren landscape and the concentration of animals quite stunning.

On the perimeter of the park are Mokuti and Ongava private lodges, which make the best destination for the traveler seeking to visit this wonderful piece of wild Africa.

Also in this vast northern region of Namibia is the Hoba Meteorite, which fell to earth some 80 000 years ago. At 54 000 kg, it is the largest known meteorite in the world.

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Sunset at Little Ongava Lodge
Sunset at Little Ongava Lodge

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Game viewing in the Etosha Pan
Game viewing in the Etosha Pan

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