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LYING at the heart of Southern Africa is Botswana, a land of subtle seduction, mystery and beauty - a desert country blessed with the miracle of the great inland Okavango Delta.

In these vast open spaces where the sunsets are blood-red, in the labyrinth of islands, lagoons and waterways, is a profusion of wildlife which lures the traveler to this African wonderland.

Here in the isolation and magnificent beauty, the awestruck visitor has a true wilderness experience, helped by the government's policy of low volumes and high prices, which maintains the country's most valuable assets in a near-pristine state.

The other jewel which has made Botswana Africa's most prosperous econony, is the abundance of diamonds, which helped accelerate economic growth and build phenomenal foreign currency reserves, and the strongest currency, the Pula. With a population of only 1,5 million people, it is also the continent's longest and most stable democracy.

The traveler to Botswana has easy access to the great wildlife reserves of the famous Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert, with its mystical allure and silence. Scheduled or charter flights from Johannesburg or Victoria Falls to Maun - which lies at the heart of the delta - is the most convenient way to enter this desert and delta wonderland.

Most of the luxury camps and lodges are concentrated in Moremi, Okavango and Chobe, but many visitors opt for the romance of a Hemmingway-style overland Botswana safari with a private guide and well-trained camp staff.

Adventure travelers may also traverse the plains on horseback or perched on the back of an elephant, while the makoro dugout canoe is the traditional and most appropriate way of exploring the wetlands.

All these factors combine to make Botswana possibly the prime wildlife travel destination in Southern Africa, providing unparalleled beauty with an abundance of animal and birdlife, trees and flora, easy access, comfort and luxury in the bush. See also: Botswana Safari


Full Name: Republic of Botswana
Capital: Gaborone
Area: 600,370 sq km (231,803 sq miles)
Population: 1,650,000
Language: English (official) and Setswana (national). English is spoken in all all main safari and travel destinations.
Currency: Pula
Best Travel Currency: USD
Botswana Travel Seasons: The dry winter season between April to September is best for wildlife areas. October and November is the start of the early rains, while December to March is regarded as the "Green Season" - the time of most rainfall, high temperatures and humidity.

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