The Greenlife Team

:. RUSSELL WESTON - Chief Executive Officer

Russell Weston Russell is a conservationist, humanitarian and pioneer of experiential travel in Southern Africa.

Before starting Greenlife in 1992, Russell spent time as a specialist nature guide leading expeditions throughout Southern Africa. He started the company when he realized the need to offer visitors to Africa a more creative and personalized experience. Our company is regarded by the industry as visionaries, and our state of the art approach is the envy of all. However, we know what it means to take care of the individual to ensure flawless travel arrangements. Russell leads a dynamic team who share his vision and philosophy that sustainable tourism is the key to the success and future of tourism in our region.
Explore Africa with us – it will exceed your expectations.

:. JANICE McARTHUR - Reservations Manager

Janice McArthur Heading up the reservations department, Janice helps clients in arranging their safaris and vacations to Southern Africa. She spent a few years living in the UK and worked for international banks as well as assisting on Formula 1 Sponsorship. She now lives in Kommetjie, Cape Town and is passionate about nature and motor racing.
Having grown up with a bug for adventure travel, Janice has extensive knowledge and personal experience of many regions of Southern Africa, particularly Zimbabwe and South Africa. With Greenlife, she has also travelled to the Okavango, Moremi and Chobe in Botswana; all the prime safari and travel destinations of Namibia, parts of Zambia and throughout South Africa.
Janice's favorite destination is Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert.

:. MIKE HEWITT - IT Manager

Mike is involved with content management, Internet development and publishing for and other company websites. He focussed his attention on the Internet in 2000, when he joined Greenlife. Other career experiences include journalism, travel, educational theatre and restaurants. He is married with three wonderful children.
In Africa, Mike reckons that fishing on the Chobe River in Botswana as herds of elephant drink and bathe on the banks, as among the most memorable of his journeys. He has travelled throughout South Africa and Namibia, and has visited the Okavango in Botswana, and parts of Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
His special place is the Skeleton Coast.

:. TAMMY GOODWIN - Tour Consultant

Tammy Goodwin Tammy is involved with accommodation bookings and safari itineraries. She has a deep love of nature, which led her to find a rewarding position at Cape Point Nature Reserve where she worked for many years. She has also worked for a credit bureau. Tammy lives with her partner Shaun in the seaside town of Fish Hoek and spends most weekends volunteering as a basic paramedic with the local Deep South Disaster Management.
Tammy has travelled with our company to Kafue and South Luangwa in Zambia, The Okavango, Moremi and Mashatu regions of Botswana; Kruger and Zululand wildlife regions of South Africa and Etosha, Damaraland and the Namib Desert in Namibia. Being a Capetonian, she also has extensive knowledge of the area.
Tammy's favourite place is the boulder and baobab landscape of Mashatu in Botswana.

:. TANYA DRUMMER - Tour Consultant

Tanya Drummer Deals with accommodation reservations and itinerary planning. Her career life has mostly included office and people related positions thus far including some exciting positions in England. Happily married to Colin with a family of two lovely boys. Tanya spends her time-out on outings, camping in the great outdoors, photography and practising her bead work. She was born under the sign Leo which, she says, explains her fondness for large cats.
Tanya had already seen quite a few places in Southern Africa when she joined the company, and since then has also conducted site inspections to camps and lodges in Namibia's Damaraland, Sakopmund and Namib Desert; the Sabi Sands reserve in Kruger, and the malaria free regions of Waterberg and Welgevonden in South Africa. In Botswana, she has visited the Okavango and Moremi.
Tanya loves the pulsating energy of the Bushveld around South Africa's Kruger Park and Sabi Sand Reserves.

:. CHARLENE RAMSDEN - Database Manager

Charlene Ramsden Charlene’s job at the company is to make sure all the property information is up to date and accurate including all the rates. This is no small task considering we have over 600 properties on our database! She has worked for the fashion trade, and also in various parts of the world including London, Montreal & Spain. She has a daughter and two stepsons and a husband called Phil. Charlene is an avid reader, a great cook and a fan of all furry creatures hence her extended family of 7 animals!
Charlene's top choice experience in travelling South Africa was an overnight journey on the luxury Blue Train between Cape Town and Pretoria.


I am married to a wonderful, patient man named Ronnie. I have two delightful children Tara and Wesley; I also have a wonderful step daughter Veronica. We stay in Fish Hoek. I hail from the northern suburbs, but have been living on the peninsula for the past nine years, and I would never stay anywhere else.

My background includes working in a restaurant as a waitress and a hostess. I became interested in the tourism industry when I started working at Cape Point in one of the curio shops. I decided to see what it was like on the other side of the “tourism coin” and so far it has been wonderful and educational.

My job at Greenlife entails making sure that our accounts are paid and in good order. This includes foreign and local payments and day to day bookkeeping for the company. I also handle all the bookings for “The Scarborough Beach House”.

:. GRANT HEARN - Consultant & IT Developer

Grant Hearn Grant has an amazing analytical mind and works as a lecturer in Information Systems at a Cape Town university. When he is not lecturing, Grant assists in formulating new concepts and systems for the network of Greenlife websites. He recently launched a dynamic Car Hire reservation system and is currently working on other new developments for, besides studying for a doctorate. Grant is married to Jo, who hails from the mid west in USA.

:. KATE ZIETSMAN - SQL Database Specialist

The dynamic Safari Technology database is the only online system that can plan and cost a safari itinerary that includes flights, road transfers, air charters, accommodation and tours. Kate was the mastermind behind this project which took about a year to complete. The database displays results for over 450 select hotels and safari lodges, with live rates and online enquiries. At present Kate works and lives in London, she still does development work for us and is currently refining our back end product to make it even quicker and easier for consultants to turn around an enquiry and present the client with the perfect solution.

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